The Jericho Shiesty A-rag
The Jericho Shiesty A-rag

The Jericho Shiesty A-rag

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Jericho is a city in northern Palestine. It is one of the first documented sites of grain cultivation and civilization in the world. This is reflected in the particular pattern of this keffiyeh which symbolizes ears of wheat. 

The second pattern incorporated is a fishnet, which symbolizes collectivism, interdependence, and unity, since singular stands of a net become something larger and stronger as a whole.

Shiesty A-rags are head turning pieces that are both fashionable and practical for a variety of occasions. Stay warm, stylish, and rep Palestine!


-Customized classic Keffiyeh design from Jericho

-Slidable face covering 

-Silky satin for hair and beard health 

-Machine washable

-One size fits all