The Burgundy Bucket Hat (collab)
The Burgundy Bucket Hat (collab)
The Burgundy Bucket Hat (collab)
The Burgundy Bucket Hat (collab)

The Burgundy Bucket Hat (collab)

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This bucket hat is a collaboration between AragApparel and Tone Trump. Tone Trump was such a big fan of the A-rag Bucket that he wanted to have his very own in burgundy. Tone Trump, also known as the Top Ahk and the Muslim Don, is a prominent rap artist, actor, activist, philanthropist, and CEO of Muslim Don Family Inc. When he is not feeding the streets of Philly, he's somewhere overseas leading humanitarian campaigns like his most recent one in Ethiopia. He is also one of the lead organizers for the Philadelphia Coalition for Palestine and continues to organize and speak at countless demonstrations for the freedom and dignity of Palestinians. 

This is the third time AragApparel and Tone Trump have collaborated. Their first collaboration was on the Philastan A-rag, and their second was a cinematic production called ''Philastan the Ethnography.'' They work side by side regularly at street feedings, Palestinian protests, and various local projects in Philly. 

The versatility of the design and material of this hat allows you to wear it in a variety of ways. If you enjoy the flare of a fedora, switch it up by flipping up the brim for a snazzy look. It also can be worn harmoniously with both AragApparel and MDF products!


-Custom embroidered A-rag & MDF logo

-Satin interior for optimal hair health

-Premium burgundy vegan leather 

-Customized Keffiyeh sublimated burgundy interior 

-Customized Keffiyeh exterior design

-One size fits all