The Yemeni Beanie (Black)
The Yemeni Beanie (Black)
The Yemeni Beanie (Black)
The Yemeni Beanie (Black)

The Yemeni Beanie (Black)

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This product is made in honor of Yemen and its courageous people. Profits from each purchase will feed starving Yemenis in the ongoing famine. 

Yemen is one of the smallest and poorest countries in the world, yet remarkably it's the first and only country that militarily stood up to Israel for genociding Gazans. From a strategic economic and military standpoint, Yemen has absolutely nothing to gain by sticking up for their Palestinian sisters and brothers. Nevertheless, they vowed to continue preventing Israeli ships from passing through the Red Sea until they stop the genocide. Yemen refuses to back down even in the face of the most powerful navies in the world. 

Yemen has taught a powerful lesson to leaders everywhere; Stand up for what's right no matter the odds! Long Live Yemen! 


-Premium puff-print letters

-Hair-friendly satin interior 

-Custom Yemeni/A-rag logo design


-One size fits all